Members List

Please keep the, ( as of Dec. 3, 2018 )

As of Dec. 3, 2018, there are 266 Regular Members, 7 Specified Business Members, and 205 Special Members.

  • Regular Members: Financial Instruments Firms conducting the Type I Financial Instruments Businesses (Securities firms)

  • Specified Business Members: Financial Instruments Business Operators exclusively dealing with the following Type I Financial Instruments Businesses;

    (i) Specified OTC Derivatives Transaction, etc.

    (ii) Type I Small Amount Electronic Offering Handling Business prescribed in Article 29-4-2, Paragraph 10 of the FIEA.

  • Special Members: Registered Financial Institutions prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 11 of the FIEA (Banks, Insurance companies, etc. conducting securities business)

*Regular members who have been deemed to be Financial Instruments Business Operators for the purpose of completing customer transactions under Article 56 (1) of Financial Instruments and Exchange Act are not included in the member list.
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