Chairman’s Message

The Capital Market Association of the Eastern Caribbean (hereafter “CMAEC”) was established in 2018 as a result of the market’s needs for a centralised self-regulatory organisation (hereafter “SRO”) in the region. Before the actualisation of the CMAEC, the capital markets in the region had been failing to attract businesses from Asia. In addition to providing checks and balances for the participating exchanges, one of CMAEC’s focus is to also assist exchanges in keeping up to date with the world’s standards.

Our job is to help ensure transparency and reliability of our members and further strengthen investor protection mechanisms in the region. We do so by making member firms’ transactions in the securities markets fair and smooth and by encouraging healthy development of financial instruments in the industry.

On behalf of CMAEC, I am glad to announce that at launch St. Vincent and the Grenadines Securities Exchange (hereafter “SVGEX”) will be our first participating member in the region. SVGEX is a new private exchange in the market with the vision to bridge capital, knowledge, technology, deals and investor flows between Asia and the Eastern Caribbean regions.

In 2019, we look forward to continue working with our global counterparts and most importantly, provide the market with the protection it deserves.

Thank you.

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